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“The experience truly was transforming. Shellee did a 90 minute massage incorporating aromatherapy and hot and cold stones (a truly amazing feeling). Her interaction through the entire process was great- from getting to know me and what my concerns were to answering questions. I will definitly stop in the next time I'm in the Seattle area.”

~Bonny H..
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Ready for a massage experience catered to your needs? Step into my office! Call or schedule online today and we will create a custom treatment plan to suit your needs. Enjoy the peaceful office on Lake Bellevue. A simply and beautifully decorated office warmly welcomes you. Massage options include deep tissue, relaxation, and therapeutic massage. I accept auto accident (PIP) massage. Add to any of these treatments soothing extras such as a Steam Body Balance, paraffin dips & Oatmeal Honey Body Polish. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Massage awakens our minds giving us better focus and mental clarity and renews our bodies by flushing toxins out, releasing tensions and stirring endorphins. Each session is uniquely catered to your needs for that day to bring about the results you seek. Combining intuition and your input prior to our treatment we plan a session of healing, relaxation, structural realignment, deep muscle softening and headache relief so you can live relaxed, healthy, and pain free.

I move your body a great deal during each session (unless lying still is more relaxing for you) allowing your joints to loosen up and your muscles to receive passive stretching. I also incorporate vibration and tapping and stimulate your lymph nodes to get the systems of your body moving. Hydrotherapy in the form of hydrocollator (moist heat packs) and cool packs, heated stones, moist heated towels and heat packs and a full body steam canopy add a further depth of healing so every massage is more than simply stationary muscle manipulation. Schedule your next visit with me and feel the difference between plain old massage and truly healing bodywork. See you soon! Shellee Zaugg, LMP.

  Certified Master Level Practitioner Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

This highly specialized barfeoot bodywork is a favorite for many of my clients. Parallel bars overhead optimize balance as my feet apply deep gliding strokes and broad contact compression with seamless transitions. Several strokes are head to toe giving your body the sense of being whole. Pressure is completely adjustable to your needs as I can shift my weight to suit the pressure each area of your body requires from slightest touch to very deep pressure. The broad surface of the foot allows for deep, soothing pressure without feeling painful or pointed.

  Integrating Relaxation into all Massage Techniques
My deep love for the complexity of the human body coupled with my desire to facilitate healing give you professional, caring bodywork with each session I offer. Continually learning to use my hands and heels and hydrotherapy in ways that benefit you as my clients leads me to blur the lines between relaxation and therapeutic work. By allowing me the opportunity to calm your nervous system and thoroughly treat your body as a whole you can expect optimal healing on multiple levels.

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