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"Shellee is the best therapist I've ever experienced. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and skill."

~Judy L.
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Find relief here from auto accident, sports mishap, or other injuries for which massage is indicated. Hundreds of patients rely on my fifteen years of expertise in injury recovery, and you can too. We will schedule recurring appointment times for you so you can count on having regular treatments to keep up on your care. I accept prepaid medical cards, HSA and FSA. I also bill directly to any auto insurance company with PIP Personal Injury Protection for auto accident claims. I work with your doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist or other care provider to create a uniform, workable treatment strategy to promote pain relief and healing for your body's individual needs.

When scheduling at my Bellevue office for treatment of an injury, you may wish to print out and complete the Intake and Permission forms with links below. The first is a basic, two-page new patient intake form, the second (only necessary if you are seeking treatment for an auto accident or an L&I claim) is your permission for us to share information with your other healthcare providers, lawyers, and insurance company as required for the claim. The forms are also available at the office, so don't worry if printing isn't an option for you.

Click on these links to download:
  Intake Form   Permission Form

Types of Injury Therapies

  • Increase energy and muscle tone
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase lymphatic flow
  • Increase range of motion
  • Relieve sprains and provide a competitive edge
Auto or other accidents
  • Boost immune system
  • Promotes healing
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease muscle fatigue
Workplace injuries
(L & I claims)
  • Repetitive Strain injuries (back, legs, carpal tunnel, etc.)
  • Aid in chiropractic success
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease heart rate
  • Improve alertness

  Auto Accident recovery, is your accident claim covered?

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Typically, with a doctor's referral for massage, your insurance company will cover massage expenses for your auto accident. I bill directly to your PIP, personal injury protection coverage, working with your auto insurance company. It is outside the scope of my practice to offer legal advice, so I always recommend you work with a lawyer, and have several I can recommend.

If you have questions about your coverage, ask, I am more than happy to assist if I can.


Injury Treatment

How will massage help with your body? Within the first couple days of injury an excess of tissue regrowth can occur which may cause adhesions and or scar tissue. Immediately following injury, other muscles compensate for weakened structures. Massage addresses compensating muscles to reduce their fatigue. As bruising disappears, scar tissue and adhesions can be broken down at your injury site. Get back to your old self or better with systematic massaging and use of ice and heat to both the injured and compensating muscle groups.

Hydrotherapy, the use of ice and heat to treat injury, will be recommended at time of service. I offer several options for hydrotherapy including, moist hot packs, ice, and far infrared sauna therapy. Ice constricts your blood vessels, squeezing out stagnant blood. Following ice with heat gives an extra push as it dialiates your blood vessels which removes build up from the linings of your veins, this allows fresh blood to come in for healing. The infrared sauna allows me to massage your specific injury site while you are receiving heat treatment, which means that your muscles are warm and easily pliable as I work. I use techiniques such as Neuromuscular technique NMT, intra-oral massage, myofascial release, and Swedish massage. Massage is great for healing whiplash, jaw, neck, and facial pain, as well as nerve impingement and back pain.

Intra-oral massage: Why have massage in your mouth?

Intra-oral massage has many benefits including, relief from TMJ disorder, whiplash recovery, facial and neck pain relief, and overall body relaxation as your neck muscles relax into place. Several muscles within your mouth attach to the front of your cervical spine, when these muscles are out of place your spine may be pulled out of place along with them. Relaxing the muscles in front can bring great relief to the back of your neck. If TMJ disorder is your issue, sometimes massage can help, depending on the cause of your TMJ disorder. Many instrumentalists benefit greatly from this type of massage because it relaxes the muscles they use to power their instruments. It is also great for singers because it relaxes muscles surrounding the vocal chords. Intra-oral massage is some of the most gentle massage work you'll ever receive. It requires an additional endorsement on a massage license, which I possess, and all work is done with sterile gloves.


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