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"Gifted therapist with a great touch... I would recommend her to anyone, especially looking for deep tissue."

~Eric C.

  Military and Teacher Discount
Special savings: 10% discount to all Teachers and Military personell available for all services.






90-minute massage. Therapeutic full-body massage with focus on areas of injury or stress. Optional hot and/or chilled stones, and complimentary cupping and aromatherapy.

Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy


90-minute massage. Barefoot deep tissue massage in the style of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, massage given with feet. Great for anyone who loves deep tissue. If you prefer light work pressure is completely adjustable.

Two-hour Massage


Mix and match massage styles. Includes complimentary cupping and aromatherapy.

Far Infrared Sauna


Enjoy during your massage or following a Body Scrub for detox, joint and tissue warm up, and vascular movement. With optional cool stone massage to your head, neck, and face. Try a Hawaiian Beach Massage today, deatails below.

Body Scrub


Choose your flavor body scrub. Brisk and uplifting, salts with oils are rubbed over your skin. Granules are then swept away with heated towels.

Paraffin Hand or Foot Dip


Warm and cozy! Warmth held in by paraffin wax and insulated mitts sinks into the joints of your hands and feet, incorporated into your massage session. Triple filtered medical grade paraffin with lemon essential oil.

Cupping Therapy


Think of this as massage with a lift. Cupping cups suction onto you at your level of tolerance and are moved gently to stretch and lengthen muscle tissue, and separate fascial adhesions. Cupping therapy helps draw stagnant blood to the surface. This allows fresh blood to reach an area quickly to heal muscles.



Enjoy complimentary Doterra essential oil aromatherapy.

Note: A full-body massage refers to the entire body except private areas.

  Lily Pad Reverie 90-minute relaxation massage
Result: Pure stress relief and relaxation

Your muscles are glided over and gently tugged to lull you into a relaxed state. Enjoy with complimentary hot stones, hot towels, and aromatherapy. A plush table with a specially fitted Body Cushion system enhance your state of relaxation. A combination of Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi, Neuromuscular Technique and acupressure, with a bit of light myofascial release result in this turn-you-into-a-noodle-massage. Remember to breath and enjoy.

Increase your circulation, boost your immune system and give yourself a break! Regularly scheduled sessions aid in injury and illness prevention.


  Transformation 90 or 120-minute therapeutic massage
Result: Healing relief from aches and pains

Full body massage with emphasis on injury treatment or a particular area of concern you may have. Often combined with hydrotherapy, the use of heat and ice for healing. I use heat packs, ice, hot stones and chilled stones, and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy. Transformation is a mix of techniques including Neuromuscular Technique, Myofascial Release, Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi including Hawaiin stretching, Swedish massage, and many of my own inventions. I feel your body to assess which techniques to incorporate into your session, so you get precisely the treatment you need. When a specific muscle group is stressed, the stress may stem from another area. Overall body relaxation softens the affected muscle and fascial tissue, so I recommend full body massage with focus on your particular areas of stress.

Your result is an overall feeling of relaxation and body balance. The muscle manipulation is more pointed than that of the Lily Pad Reverie massage, however, the massage maintains a feeling of connectedness. Its benefits include: reduced swelling, pain relief, the breaking down of scar tissue, increased range of motion, and much more!


  Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy 90-minute barefoot deep tissue massage
Result: Muscle-melting deep muscle relaxation

Utilizing an overhead bar system for balance, I apply moderate to ultra-deep pressure with my feet in the form of long, flowing, deep compression strokes. Reconnect as several strokes are full length of body. I use smooth feet to stretch out your spine, separate your fascia, and release trigger points. If you enjoy especially deep massage, I can apply my full body weight. Ashiatsu barefoot massage is equally nice for those who enjoy light work as pressure is entirely adjustable and the broad surface of the foot does not feel pointed or painful. I am able to do deep tissue work with light pressure because this massage style allows me to readily access deep structures of the body.

Ashiatsu increases range of motion, relieve deep down stress, and elongate the spine to improve posture and decrease pressure on nerves between spinous processes.

I am a certified Master Level practitioner of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, see Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy for more information on this barefoot style massage.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, have osteoperosis, certain heart conditions or any type of degenerative disc issues, this is not the massage for you. If you have had breast augmentation within 9 months or recent eye surgery you are not a candidate for this technique but may be in the future. Also, if you have had any surgeries from which your doctor would like to keep scar tissue built up around the surgery site, please let me know.

  Far Infared Sauna
Result: Bliss!

"Like getting a massage on a warm beach!"

Time for a tropical beach day in Auburn! The Hawaiian Beach Massage experience is unique! Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage is given while far infrared rays warm your body. Coconut, jasmine, Hawaiian sandalwood, and citrus oils mingle with sounds of ocean waves and eukeleles, melting your muscles, and calming your mind.

Lay down. Relax. Enjoy a massage in your personal Far Infrared sauna dome. Combining heat with massage means we can skip over time to warm your muscles, and spend more time healing your body. Far Infrared heats your body directly rather than warming the air around you, the invisible rays sink in, softenening muscles.

Benefits of Far Infrared include: reducing pain and stiffness from arthritis, improved heart function, increased blood flow which strentgthens blood vessels and helps you to have healthy cells, and reduces risk of muscle spasms. Used in conjunction with massage, FIR warms your muscles up, preparing you to receive the full benefits of your massage.

Far Infared Sauna Therapy