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"Shellee remembers all of my preferences...She provides stellar massage and is excellent at tailoring the experience each time for whatever specific issues I want to address."

~Deb H.

 Stress Relief

The video above gives a glimpse of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy. It is a Swedish style deep tissue massage given with the feet. I'm certified Master Level and in my 13th year massaging with feet. I work at tissue speed to give your fascia and muscle tissue ample time to release tension with each tug and compression of my feet.

In need of recovery massage after your auto accident? Want to get away and relax? Searching for the ultimate deep tissue massage? Are you experiencing jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica or other nerve impingement issues? I will help you! Because perfect comfort means something different to everyone, I adjust to your specific needs. Tight muscles surrender as you enjoy the combination of hydrotherapy and massage. Chill and/or hot stones, toasty herbal packs, hot towels, paraffin dips, and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy boost the effects of your massage. I aim to provide a comfy, cozy, customizable environment, so my treatment room is equiped with a heated hydraulic lift table, Body Cushions, ultra soft Comphy linens, and all the cozy comforts of a luxury spa. I include hot and cool stones, hot towels, and high end essential oil aromatherapy as complimentary add-ons. I subtly infuse soothing comforts, relaxing your body and mind every moment.

Your session is all about you. Always enjoy your own comfort level regarding pressure and which parts of your body I treat. If you feel any concerns, please speak up.

The cleansing nature of massage reveals one of its greatest benefits, release of toxins. This makes water consumption highly important, water is always provided.

  Prepare for your Massage

Upon making an appointment, expect to set aside the chosen length of your treatment/s plus 15 minutes, depending on which option you choose. After discussing your health questionnaire and setting any treatment goals, your healing experience begins. First time clients plan an extra 15 minutes to fill out a health questionnaire and consult with Shellee. For PIP auto accident claims, please plan an additional 15 minutes so we can clearly define your functional limitations and set goals to track improvement for your insurance company. Please notify me that you are visiting in regards to an auto claim in advance of your appointment so I can let you know all of the information I will need from you, thanks!

Cancellation Policy:Please note that my time is valuable and my schedule is limited. I appreciate being notified at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be incur full charges for missed services. You are welcome to send someone in place if you are unable to show up for your treatment. Thank you for your understanding.

For massage: Arrive in easily washable clothes as you will have a small amount of oil or cream on your skin when your session is through. You choose how much you wear during your treatment. You will, of course, always be modestly draped with a sheet. Please note that Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy connects the body with many full-body-length strokes, and you will receive a more flowing massage when you completely disrobe.

For Far Infrared Sauna: This treatment will cause you to sweat! Please be aware that there are no shower facilities here. You will be given a large towel to dry off with, but I recommend wearing work out clothes to change into post treatment and not having plans afterward.

NOTE: A parent or guardian must accompany persons under 18, and be present in the office. For children under 14, parent or guardian must be present in the room during treatment.

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