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  Testimonial from Lana Ryan, Bellevue
"You cured my aching shoulder-literally! I have been bothered with that pain for 25 years on and off.
I have had many massages and rate you as #1. You can use my name and number as a reference anytime." ~ Lana Ryan

  Testimonial from N. Z., Bothell
"After a massage like that I feel like I need a limo ride home." ~ N.Z.

  Testimonial from D.S.
You gave me a great massage yesterday! I played the best golf that I have in three months. Again THANK YOU! ~ D.S.

  Testimonial from Crystal Pugmire, Redmond
...She knows exatcly what needs the most attention and works on making the body feel whole again. It really helpes increase my energy levels and relieves the stress my body takes on daily."

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