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"Discovering the benefits of essential oils has been like discovering a gold mine! It started with my search to find a natural way to alleviate back pain. With Shellee's guidance, I now have a selection of Doterra oils for specific purposes. Peppermint and eucalyptus are my go to for pain and inflammation. To relax my body, I use frankencense or the Forgive blend. When my nerves are on edge, I like lavender and douglas fir. Incorporating essential oils into my life's health and well being plan helps tremendously."

~Judi N.
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  Highest Quality Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Enjoy the pure therapeuctic grade essential oils I've chosen to use in my treatments. After years of using a variety of different brands of essential oils I discovered Doterra and can smell the clear difference in their potency. They are certified pure through extensive testing for purity and potency. Since there is no authority on production quality, Doterra created their own standard. One step they take is only sourcing oils from plants grown in their indigenous regions. Further, they have tested for the best time of day to harvest. I love the extent to which they work to offer he finest oils around.

You may purchase online or contact me directly for info. Doterra essential oils by Shellee

I regularly teach essential history and usage, the calendar below shows upcoming classes.

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